Week21: Jun 3rd - 7th

Highlights for the week: 

  • View the BMS Public Calendar for this weeks events!
  • Tip: Use ctrl+F and enter the date (like 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, etc.) to jump quickly to the Blog entry for today!
  • Some notes for Parents/Guardians who view this Blog:
    • Everything we do in this class is listed on this Blog (so students who are absent can easily find what they’ve missed and even complete it while they are absent!)
    • Nearly every assignment can be completed at home or anywhere with an internet connection (use the Paint program or a Google Drawing rather than ‘Interwrite’ where you see it on this Blog)
    • Friday’s are makeup days so students who have trouble completing assignments have this extra time every week to get caught up!
    • You can see examples of every project we do at this Public Examples Folder Link

Mon 3rd – Wed 5th:

- General Notes   (click-to-comment)

  1. Good luck with your final exams this week!
  2. Please DO NOT bring a backpack to school on Wed or Thurs of this week or you will have to turn it in to the front office!
  3. Please feel free to sign my yearbook anytime: 

    • If you have a question or comment about anything that’s going on this week, please use (click-to-comment)
    • Check for new click-to-comments and my responses to them (blue highlights are new responses!): http://goo.gl/iA4mC 
    • If you are evaluating a Chromebook, here’s the form for your feedback:

      Thursday 6th:

      - General Notes   (click-to-comment)

      1. Please DO NOT bring a backpack to school today
      2. Here’s the early release bell schedule for the last day of school this year! 


        Friday 7th:  First day of Summer!

                                                       Sun Smiling Shadow