Tues Jan 19th

General Plan:

Today we will:

  • Try some new links in Fun
  • Explore muscular system structures and functions
  • View structures from in a chicken wing and compare them to our own arm structures
Links and Tasks for today: (save files to your desktop before opening!)  Still being updated for today 
  1. Download the following folder from the J-Drive to your desktop
    • 2- Chicken wing comparison
    • 3- Fun
  2. Review Activity Scoreboard (View in ‘Fun’) 
  3. Review Processes Vocabulary
    • View Prezi
    • Use Word Wall (in class)
  4. View Chicken Wing Comparison information
    • Create Bones/Muscles/Skin flashcards in class
  5. Textbook Muscular System Section 
    • Online link to sect 10-3 (pages 352-356)
    • Complete associated workbook pages 121-123
  6. Use these links if you need them

Additional Information: