Wed Mar 3rd

General Plan:

Today we will:  

  • TAKS Writing Test Today!  You will be testing in the 100 hall; the room assignments will be posted in the halls, cafeteria, in the back of this classroom, and also in my J-drive Today folder .  Good luck with your test!
  • Check the Assignments List for missing work.  You will have the opportunity to complete missing assignments in your afternoon science classes today

 Links and Tasks for today: (save files to your desktop before opening!)      

  1. News
  2. Please complete the following if you have not already done so (use the Assignments List to see if you have completed your assignments!)
    • Section 15-1 Summary (handout)
    • iN page 38 (use the Prezi to help you)
    • Add the top 11 vocabulary words and definitions from section 15-1 of your textbook to your iN pg 35-37  (Dendrite, Axon, Neuron, Stimulus, Interneuron, Synapse, Sensory neuron, Motor neuron, Nerve impulse, Homeostasis, Glucose)
    • The 3 video clips on the brain and answer the related questions using the online form (or a piece of notebook paper if you don’t have your laptop)
    • Excretory System Notes (Prezi from the J-drive)
  3. For those who are finished, we will watch ‘Life in the Undergrowth’
  4. Something else to explore

 Additional Information:

  • Prezis (you may have trouble viewing these until your flash player is updated, but the versions you have downloaded to your desktop will work with or without an internet connection!)
  • Current Topics Text Materials