Open House 2011-2012

Links for Today


If you have a smartphone with a QR code scanner, you can scan the code above to get to the following links on your phone!  If you arrived here on your phone, click on the links below the balloons!

Welcome to the 2011-2012 School Year!


BMS Campus Floorplan  (map with room numbers etc.)
BISD Website  (Bastrop District Website)
BISD School Calendar (Official District Calendar for 2011-12)
BMS Website  (Campus Website)
BMS Public Calendar (Public calendar for campus related events)
BMS Staff Directory  (Linked list of teachers, rooms, courses and supply lists)
103 Lab Teacher’s Profile  (Mr. Mercer’s Google+ Public Profile)
form  (…for this evening’s Open House)

Scroll down for a floorplan of this campus!