Week of Aug 30th – Sep 3rd

Highlights for the week: 

  • Plans for the Week (Spreadsheet)
  • This weekend is Labor Day weekend and there will be no school next Monday!

Monday 30th:

Today we will take the True Colors Online Assessment.  You can read more about this assessment here.  If you have trouble understanding any of the words in this activity, use the Longman Online Dictionary to help you!  Once you have completed the activity, use the form (#2 below) to enter your results.  Then please watch the 2 short TED talks (#4 & 5 below).

  1. True Colors 5 question quiz
  2. True Colors results form
  3. Longman Online Dictionary
  4. Watch this amazing 12-year-old’s 8min speech “What adults can learn from kids
  5. Watch the story of this 14-year-old’s desire to learn and help his family “How I harnessed the wind

Tuesday 31st:

Today we will complete the True Colors Online Assessment, introduce the OneNote Program and look at the features of StudyStack using the Power Words Study Stack.  Robotics classes will begin kit inventories today as well.

  1. True Colors 5 question quiz
  2. True Colors results form
  3. Longman Online Dictionary
  4. Study Stack Power Words

Wednesday Sep 1st:

Today we will introduce Wolfram Alpha as a search tool and as a math homework helper.  We will also continue our exploration of OneNote by capturing some Wolfram Alpha search information and by viewing an online tutorials course.  The links you might need today are in the ‘Key Sites – Tools’ section to the right of this blog.

Thursday 2nd:  

Seating charts will go into effect starting next Tuesday.  You can request who you would like to sit by using this form or by sending a text to 512-703-0308 with your full name, your class period, 3 names you would like to sit by and 1 name you would not like to sit by.  I will try to honor these requests in the order in which they are received, but there are no guarantees!  If there are behavior issues involved you may be assigned a specific seat without regard for your request. 

Friday 3rd:  

Today we will demonstrate the following capabilities in our OneNote practice file :

  1. Prove that we can draw a sample figure and one other figure on the drawings tab
  2. Capture images of the Google Maps locations of at least 3 any 7 wonders from Wikipedia on the pictures tab
  3. Create a table and insert the Power Words and definitions from Study Stack in the table
  4. Copy and save 3 internet links on the Internet Links tab (one to 308 Today, one to our Plans for the Week page, and a 3rd link to a location of your choosing)
  5. Type one question on the help tab

You can find a video tutorial called “Fri Sep 3rd” on how to do these things in the J-Drive/ BMercer/Today folder to help you complete these tasks.  When you find the tutorial, DRAG IT to your desktop before you try to open it or it will not play correctly!  By-the-way, I made a geometry name mistake when I recorded this… see if you can catch the mistake ;)

Additional Information:

  • Prezis