Mon Nov 9th

General Plan:

Today we will:

  • Screen for Data Analysis Stations placement later on this week
  • Self-correct workbook materials from last week 
Links and Tasks for today: (save files to your desktop before opening!)
  1. Complete Stations Screening
    • Look for file named ‘Stations Screening’ in J-drive\BMercer folder
    • Answer on green scantron form and online form
  2. Self-correct workbook pages from last week using the key 
    • Look for file named ‘WB-key chapter1’ in J-drive\BMercer folder
    • Compare answers on key with answers in workbook and make corrections if necessary
  3. Once you have completed the two activities above, try Dabbleboard

Additional Information:

  • Data Analysis rotation stations in 3 different classrooms starts Wednesday of this week.  Please do your best on the screening today so you are placed in the right group!