Tues Nov 10th

General Plan:

Today we will:

  • Review Atoms to Ecosystems in a 6 station rotation
Links and Tasks for today: (save files to your desktop before opening!)
  1. Station 1:  arrange these 10 words (and 10 matching pictures) in order from smallest to largest: atom-molecule-cell-tissue-organs-organ system-organism-population-community-ecosystem
  2. Station 2: shuffle and match word cards to matching definition cards
  3. Station 3: play ‘I have – who has’ with the provided card set
  4. Station 4: examine critter sketches for patterns and arrange them in order from simplest to most complex
  5. Station 5: cut and paste a new Table-of-Contents onto page 20 of your Interactive Notebook
  6. Station 6: Complete the following statements and word pair matches on page 21 of your interactive notebook 
    • The difference between a population and a community is...
    • The BMS campus could be considered an ecosystem because...
    • Use these words to fill-in the matching blanks:  population element cell tissue family individual  atom person 
          _______ is to ________ as _______ is to ________
          _______ is to ________ as _______ is to ________

Additional Information:

  • The 7th Grade Science-wide Data Analysis unit has been postponed until next Mon Nov 16th