Thurs Nov 12th

General Plan:

Today we will:

  • Complete Chemistry basics video series
  • Assess our understanding of Atoms to Ecosystems
  • Review the proper use of a Triple Beam Balance
  • Practice basic balance skills
Links and Tasks for today: (save files to your desktop before opening!)
  1. Complete Chemical Reactions video series which we downloaded yesterday
    • Questions Form - Answer Video Question as you watch using this form… One form per person please!  If there are 2 names on the form, only the first name gets credit for this assignment…  I have paper copies for those without laptops.
  2. Interwrite self-assessment – Complete this activity to demonstrate your understanding of our 6 station rotation on Tuesday
    • Study Stack Atoms to Ecosystems – If you have problems completing the IW self-assessment, use this study stack to help you review the terms and pictures
  3. How to use a Triple Beam Balance – view these 5 slides to remember how to use a balance for tomorrow’s lab
  4. Practice using a triple beam balance – once you have completed all of the above, you can go to one of the 3 practice scales to review some basic measuring skills.

Additional Information: