Week of Sep 13th – Sep 17th

Highlights for the week: 

  • Check grades and complete any missing assignments  for progress Reports which go out this week!
  • Continue working with Glogster
  • Pep Rally Tuesday during Den Time
  • Early Release (1:50) on Wednesday.  All classes will be shortened 10min.

Monday 13th:

- Check PR grades online and complete missing assignments.  Ensure you have completed the following

  1. Screencast 1: 1 min recording of creating a drawing in your OneNote Practice file on the Drawings page. The file must be named sc1 and saved in your s-drive folder to count!
  2. Complete any missing online quizzes (1&2).  Use the links to the right to access the quizzes.  Use you first and last name as the user name, and your lunch code as the ID.
  3. Adjust your old Glogster or create a new one to show you favorite foods for breakfast, lunch and dinner.  Include at least 1 photo and 1 recipe for each meal!


Tuesday 14th:

- Today we will record our 2nd screencast on how to open the Logon information in our s-drive folders.  The screencast must be saved in your s-drive as sc2.  We will also introduce Wordle word maps and start our 2nd Glogster, which will be graded.  Here are some links you may need:

  1. Screencast-o-matic
  2. Create a Wordle (capture your Wordle and paste it in 1N-practice-pictures file, save with a user-code NOT your name or ID, and enter your code in the Wordle locator form)
  3. Wordle locator form

Wednesday 15th:

- Today is an early release day (ends at 1:50) so all classes will be shortened considerably.  Here’s a link to the Early Release Bell Schedule.  The first activity today is to create and capture a word map (Wordle) on something food related (like an article on healthy eating or diet and exercise, or food preparation tips, etc).  That Wordle should be added to our second activity, which is to create a new Glogster with at least 1 image and 1 recipe for your favorite foods from breakfast, lunch and dinner.  The idea is that we will create a Glogster ‘cookbook’ with food ideas from all students in my Teach Apps classes which everyone will be able to browse in Glogster.  Here are some links you may need today:

  1. Create a Wordle (capture your Wordle and paste it in 1N-practice-pictures file, save with a user-code NOT your name or ID, and enter your code in the Wordle locator form)
  2. Wordle locator form

Thursday 16th:  

- Today we will complete our food Wordles and food Glogs which we started yesterday.  We’ll also learn how to update our Glogster Profile Pictures and scan food Glogs made by other students.  Post your 3 favorite food Glogs to your teacher.  As we complete Glogs, I will collect screenshots of them and add them to a Prezi like the one below for us to share with our campus and community.

- Robotics building projects can be viewed on this Prezi

Friday 17th:  

- Today you will tour some excellent Recipe Glog examples (which are on display for all to see) and make final adjustments to the rest of your Glogs.  You’ll also complete any missing assignments for Progress Reports (including quizzes).  Then you will watch some information on Google Search Stories and create your own search Story on 3 places you would like to visit using screencast-o-matic.  Please save your story as sc3 in your s-drive folders. Have a great weekend!

  1. Recipe Glogs Prezi
  2. Search Story Tutorial
  3. Search Story example
  4. Screencast-o-matic

Additional Information:

  • Prezis