Week of Sep 20th – Sep 24th

Highlights for the week: 

  • Continue our food Glogs and screencasting practice and later on in the week, introduce InterWrite Workspace.

Monday 20th:

- Today we will view new additions to our Student Showcase.  Then we will test a new Google Maps instant search toll and ‘walk down’ a Grand Canyon trail using Google Maps Street View. To get to the trail, paste these coordinates in Google Maps:  36.056914,-112.141491  Next, we will continue working on our Foods Glog and sc3 (a screencast of 3 places we would like to visit).  If you have completed those, you can work on an extra credit Glogster which covers a current topic from any of your core classes (like the last example from our showcase).  I’ll send your teachers a link to your Glog, and perhaps they will be willing to count it as a alternative assignment for any missing work you have, or as extra credit.

Here are some links you may need for today:

  1. G-Maps Instant Search
  2. Google Maps
  3. Screencast-o-matic

Tuesday 21st:

- Today we will introduce InterWrite as a tool for drawing and creating screen captures.  Here are some things we will try:

  1. Open your OneNote Practice file (in your s-drive) and add a new page called ‘IW’
  2. Open InterWrite (which we will abbreviate ‘IW’) and follow the directions on how to build your gallery database
  3. On a new page with a white background we will introduce the following using the rule of threes (3 different sizes, colors and shapes of each) text boxes, lines, arrows, pens, highlighters, shapes, and also the undo functions, erasers, and customizing your toolbar
  4. On a new page with a black background we will introduce screen captures, Google Earth with coordinates and desktop captures
  5. We will copy examples from our pages and add them to our OneNote/practice/IW page

Wednesday 22nd:

- Today we will browse some examples of Glogs created by other schools to help give us some ideas of things to try

  1. Mckilloplibrary.edu.glogster
  2. mrsparky.edu.glogster and mrsparky.edu.glogster2
  3. pasola.edu.glogster

- Then we will create a new Glog called ‘Places’ using InterWrite (IW) to help us with collecting our map and location images and OneNote (1N) to help us store our images.  Use the links from Monday (at the top of this page) to help you collect images and record your screencast.  Your new Glog should contain the following:

  1. 3 locations which you would like to visit
  2. 1 map and 3 pictures from each location
  3. 1 uploaded screencast of how you collected the information for 1 of your locations
  4. Here’s an example with some ideas

Thursday 23rd:  

- Today we will discuss and handout the forms which you must return in order to get a District email account and have access to other services like the Google Calendar and Google Documents.  Then we’ll explore a Prezi on the world’s largest cruise ship.  We will also continue working on our places to visit Glog.

  1. World’s Largest Cruise Ship
  2. Link to Glogster Logon Screen

Friday 24th:  

- Today we will collect our Google Apps Accounts permissions forms (which must be turned in for you to get an email account!).  Then we will look at 2 presentation (slides and a video clip). Finally, we will complete our places Glogs.

  1. Cool slideshow with space-related images (which might look good in a Glog!)
  2. Amazing TED performance image
  3. Complete our Places Glogs
  4. Have a nice weekend!