Week15: Apr 23rd – Apr 27th

Highlights for the week:

  • View the BMS Public Calendar for this weeks events!
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Monday 23rd:

- Part 1) Review

  1. Please check your laptop for damages and report problems to me!
    • Daily Warmup Activity (2min timer if necessary – no talking while you complete your warmup please!)
    • Use the Daily Warm-up Form to record your answer
    • Google forms automatically graphs the results, and here are the graphs from some of your Week14 Reflections: 
      • image

    - Part 2) New

    1. Move all files from the 5th 6 Weeks into a new folder
    2. Create a Prezi Edu Account 
    3. Try the Stickman App!
    4. Try the Artpad App!

    - Part 3) Do - Today students will…

    1. Create a Prezi Edu account and check for a Prezi Account email confirmation.  Please tell me if you’ve received it in the form in step 4! 
    2. Open the form in step 4 below in a new window and then create a Stickman episode 
    3. Create an Artpad example 
    4. Use the form below to send me your creations 

    - Part 4) Through?

    1. Checkout these test taking tips: http://www.testtakingtips.com/anxiety/index.htm
    2. Check your warmup results here: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/197021/Endangered%20animals%20solution.png

      Tuesday 24th: STAAR Testing - GR 7 Math - no regularly scheduled classes today.

        Wednesday 25th: STAAR Testing - GR 7 Reading - no regularly scheduled classes today.

          Thursday 26th: STAAR Testing - GR 8 Science - no regularly scheduled classes today.

            Friday 27th: STAAR Testing - GR 8 Social Studies - no regularly scheduled classes today.