Fri Feb 26th

General Plan:

Today we will: 

  • Continue exploring the Nervous System
  • Please download the files from the J-Drive Today folder

 Links and Tasks for today: (save files to your desktop before opening!)      

  1. Watch the 3 video clips on the brain and answer the related questions using the online form (or a piece of notebook paper if you don’t have your laptop)
  2. Workbook section 15-1 (pgs 167-169)
  3. Please complete any of the following if you have not already done so
    • Interactive senses challenge
    • Add the top 11 vocabulary words and definitions from section 15-1 of your textbook to your iN pg 35-37  (Dendrite, Axon, Neuron, Stimulus, Interneuron, Synapse, Sensory neuron, Motor neuron, Nerve impulse, Homeostasis, Glucose)
    • Complete Nervous System notes
      • Use 5.1 Nervous System folder (download from J-drive Today)
      • Notes handouts

 Additional Information: