Tues Feb 16th

General Plan:

Today we will:

  • Begin studying frogs for our frog dissection lab
  • Begin Reviewing for our Human Systems 2 exam later this week
  • Take makeup Vocabulary Quiz (pages 32-33 in your iN)
  • Complete missing assignments from the 4th 6 weeks
Links and Tasks for today: (save files to your desktop before opening!)   
  1. Review Vocabulary Words
  2. Take makeup Vocabulary Quiz (if necessary)
  3. Download Frog Dissection Prezi from J-drive Today
  4. Choose a frog that you find interesting from the link below
  5. On page 34 of your iN, sketch your frog (use colors!) and write about one of the following 3 topics (5 complete sentences!)
    • Why you chose this frog and what you found interesting about it
    • Why frogs have different colors on their backs and bellies
    • How you feel about the frog dissection lab which we are about to do
  6. Review dissection lab packet and view dissection Prezi to help answer the packet questions (lab packets stay in class please!)
  7. Start HS2 Review (review packets stay in class please!)
  8. The 4th 6 Weeks grading period ends this Friday.  Please turn-in missing assignments!

Additional Information: