Thurs Feb 4th

General Plan:

Today we will:

  • Continue exploring the Human Circulatory System
    • Please download the materials from the J-Drive Today folder!
Links and Tasks for today: (save files to your desktop before opening!) 
  1. Special interest: World’s Biggest Cruise Ship
  2. Please complete the following if you have not already done so:
    • Workbook sect 12-1 (pages 137-top of 139)
    • Add new vocabulary to pages 30 & 31 of your iN
      • 9- iN pgs 30 & 31 (in J-Drive Prezi Archives folder)
    • Complete Circulatory System notes and activities
      • 10- Circulatory System (in J-Drive Prezi Archives folder)
  3. Watch Heart Video segments and complete the questions using the online form:
    • Online Questions form
      • If you don’t have your laptop, you will need to answer these on a piece of notebook paper (so please bring your laptop to class!) 
  4. Take this online review quiz and show me your score! 

Additional Information: