Mon Feb 1st

General Plan:

Today we will:

  • Continue exploring the Human Digestive System
  • View Updated Graded Assignments List 
    • Use this list to find the blog entries for missing assignments and related inks (it’s also available in the top right panel of this blog)
Links and Tasks for today: (save files to your desktop before opening!) 
  1. Please turn-in Digestive System Notes and 11-2 Section Summary WS if you haven’t already done so!
  2. Take make-up HS1 test (list on board)
  3. View special interest news site TweenTribune
  4. Download iN update with page 29 added
    • 8- iN pgs 23-29
      • Good examples photographed?
    • Complete any missing work from your Interactive notebook
      • Please show me any make-up pages so I can update your grade!
  5. Watch ‘Pushing the Limits – Strength’ 
  6. Frogs are in!  Dissection lab will happen after we complete the Human Systems Units

Additional Information: