Mon Oct 19th

General Plan:

  • View effects of objects traveling at the speed of sound 
  • Apply 3 power words to Water Slide clip
    • Power words are key vocabulary words which help with standardized tests
  • Compare graphs and make adjustments to line graph assignment
Links and Tasks for today: (save files to your desktop before opening!)
  1. Collect assignments from Friday
  2. View 308 Today Make-up Work links
  3. Watch Speed of Sound clips
  4. Introduce first 6 Power Words (group 1)
    • Add Analyze, Describe, Evaluate, Formulate, Predict, and Summarize to page 9 of your iN
    • Giant Water Slide (Predict what will happen, Summarize what happens, and Evaluate what you saw in the clip on page 8 of your iN)
  5. Return and fix line graph assignment
  6. Check Interactive Notebooks (iN) for correct information
Additional Information:
  • The 1st Science Benchmark Test will be this Wednesday!
  • Your iN (Interactive Notebook) will be graded Friday.  Please make sure you have everything in it up to date by then!
  • Corrected assignments will be accepted this Friday, so please hang on to your corrections until then.