Tues Oct 27th

General Plan:

Today we will:

  • Issue workbooks for in-class assignments and do some background research into the basic structure and organization of all living things 
  • Add a few new vocabulary terms to our Interactive Notebooks
  • Complete the video assignment from last class
  • Time permitting, explore the world’s most fearless animal and some incredible insect photos
Links and Tasks for today: (save files to your desktop before opening!)
  1. Assign student workbooks
  2. Pair-Read Chapter 10, section 1, pgs 336-337
  3. Answer questions 1-7 on pages 113-114 of your workbook
  4. Add the following words and definitions (which you can find in your textbook glossary) to page 13 of your Interactive Notebook:
    • cell, structure, function and nucleus
  5. Add the following 3 questions (and some extra space to answer each of them) to page 12 of your Interactive Notebook:
    • What might the levels of organization for our textbook be?
    • In what ways are cells like the bricks in a brick wall and in what ways are they different?
    • Compare a room which you are sitting alone in with the basic parts of a cell. What would these be?  (Cell membrane?  Cytoplasm?  Nucleus?)

Once those activities are completed and have been checked off by your teacher, you may logon to your laptops and complete the Cells Videos and Video Questions from last class

  1. If time permits, watch this video clip about the world’s most fearless animal
  2. …and check out these incredible insect photos for an activity which we will do tomorrow

Additional Information:

  • Please remember, your Interactive Notebooks, the textbooks and the workbooks are not to leave the classroom!  Thanks!