Tues Oct 20th

General Plan:

  • Complete your iN (Interactive Notebook) Power Words list
  • Practice using the words and definitions using Study Stacks
  • Explore ‘Searching for Life in the Great Smokey Mountains’
  • Check out 13 Land and Water speed records
Links and Tasks for today: (save files to your desktop before opening!)
  1. Switch to LanSchool channel 3308 once you have started your laptop
  2. Introduce last 6 Power Words (group 1)
    • Add Compare, Contrast, Explain, Infer, Support, and Trace and their definitions to page 11 of your iN
    • (Use this information to complete page 10 of your iN)
    • After you have finished page 10, we will discuss student ideas as a class
  3. Review all 12 Power Words using the  Power Words Study Stack
  4. Please test your ability to get to this website: ‘Searching for Life in the Great Smokey Mountains
    • If you can get there, click on ‘Explore the Website’
    • Follow the directions to get to section 1
    • Try the ‘Watch Video’ and ‘Play game’ links
  5. After watching the World Land Speed Record video clip yesterday, several students had interesting questions about other types of speed records.  Here’s a link with information on 13 other Land and Water speed records which you might find interesting.
Additional Information:
  • You will take your first Science Benchmark test during class tomorrow.  It will cover the 1st 9 weeks of science material and will be counted as a normal test grade for this class.