Tues Oct 13th

General Plan:

  1. Discover a variety of animal adaptations and share them with other students through a form
  2. Find the definitions to key Adaptations vocabulary words and review them with Study Stacks
  3. Review the process of Photosynthesis
  4. Explore microscopic images
Links and Tasks for today: (save files to your desktop before opening!)
  • Make a new folder in your Student Folder called ‘old science files’ and drag all old science materials (1st 6 Weeks files) into that folder
  • Watch National Geographic clips on animals, choose one that interests you, and identify 3 adaptations which have helped it to survive in its environment (If the video index link doesn’t work, try this link instead and use the Animals A-Z dropdown to choose animals for your adaptations search… if you need to use more than one animal to find 3 adaptations, that’s OK!)
  • Use this form to share the adaptations that you discover (please click ‘view latest content’ at the top right of the link page)
  • View consolidated adaptations results here (what does consolidate mean in this context?)
  • Complete the InterWrite adaptations activities and save the file to your student folder (S-drive) when you’re finished.  Please do not change the file name when you save it!
  • Use your textbook glossary to find the definitions to the Adaptations terms 
    1. Add the terms and definitions to page 7 of your iN (Interactive Notebook)
    2. Review the terms and definitions here
  • Review Photosynthesis Diagram
Additional Information: