Thurs Oct 29th

General Plan:

Today we will:
  • View another self-healing compound
  • Create a Venn Diagram to build on previous learning
  • Add some new vocabulary words to our list
  • Complete missing work
Links and Tasks for today: (save files to your desktop before opening!)
  1. Watch self-healing rubber compound clip
  2. As a class we will
    • Discuss and create a Venn Diagram (on page 14 of your iN) which compares cells & tissues to bricks & brick walls using the ideas we have written on page 12
    • Discuss the ‘cell comparison puzzle’ from your IW (InterWrite) ‘Cells and Organization’ in your S-drive folder
  3. Complete the notes on Organization and Homeostasis and the related InterWrite activity
  4. Add the following vocabulary words to pages 13 and 15 of your iN.  The title of both pages (13 & 15) is ‘Cells Vocabulary’.  The first group of 4 words should already be in your notebooks and the definitions of the others can be found in your textbook glossary.
    • Cell, Structure, Function, Nucleus
    • Tissue, Organ, Organ System, Homeostasis, Stimulus, Response, Stress
  5. Use this Study Stack to practice your vocabulary for a quiz tomorrow.
  6. Complete questions 1-7 on pages 113-114 of your workbook
  7. Check your grades online for missing assignments
Additional Information: