Tues Oct 6th

General Plan:

  1. Due to the fact that this is the 1st 6 weeks and I would like all students to have an opportunity to start the year out with a passing grade, I’ve assigned an Incomplete grade for all failing students.  I will allow this week for students who are behind to complete makeup work.  All incomplete grades (due to failures) will be posted next Tues, so please complete missing assignments prior to that date! 
Links and Tasks for today: (save files to your desktop before opening!)
Additional Information:
  • PreAP classes:  If you did not turn in your project and it caused you to fail, you have been given an incomplete grade for the 1st 6 weeks.  You have the rest of this week to turn in your project.  If I don’t receive it by this Friday, your failing grade will be posted.  Please turn in a project!